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Jan. 22nd, 2008




This week, our new semester has started, and I'm now in an Illustration group, with two other people from my previous group.

For our 3D course, we went to an exhibition of work by Jean Tinguely. He made these totally fantastic machines that move and make noises and seem really random but are great fun anyway.

Because pictures don't really do them justice, I made some videos with my phone.

Luminator Part I - Part II - Part III
The Luminator was originally constructed to be part of a "Culture Train" project in Switzerland, but this project did not exactly happen. It still hung in the Basel trainstation for some years.

Méta-Harmonie IV - Fata Morgana
A large machine which has some forms of instruments included.

Le Safari de la Mort Moscovite Part I - Part II
Built for an exhibition in Moscow, Tinguely used it to drive through town with his assistant to find good vodka.

Dernière Collaboration avec Yves Klein
This is not an actual collaboration, it's more of a tribute to his long-time friend.

Bascule & Santana
Just look at the effect of the momentum.

Plateau Agriculturel
Made out of agricultural machinery, this is a hommage to all old machinery that's gone to waste in the countryside.

The artist Kandinsky always tried to get aross the movement of the elements in his paintings; Tinguely has basically made the elements move in a physical sense.

Alles beweegt!
Jean Tinguely
Kunsthal, Rotterdam

Jan. 9th, 2008




Here are photos and/or videos I made of work I presented for assessments; my apologies for the lack of quality in the videos, but, unless otherwise stated, they were made with my phone.

Period 1
2DCollapse )
3DCollapse )
Beeld en ConceptCollapse )
Serieel BeeldCollapse )

Period 2
2DCollapse )
3DCollapse )
Beeld en ConceptCollapse )
Serieel BeeldCollapse )


Printing Workshop Videos

Some time ago, I took a printing workshop (y'know, with the presses and all), of which I made two videos.

They showed two parts of the process that I thought were intreresting to watch, because of OMG TEH PRETTEH COLOURS.

Nov. 20th, 2007



Art College Introduction Week

In September, I started art college (St Joost, Breda). The first couple of days we got together with our class to get to know each other and do some srz art.

I worked in a team with Fleur, Jeroen, Marloes and Jasmin. Good times. We were assigned a part of town in which we had to look around for opposites and somehow visualise them.

A picture of us at work on the assignment
All pieces in one line
Sticking 'em to the wall
Et... voilà!
(As you might be able to tell, I'm not a master photographer.)

And... that's it. Least said, soonest mended, really. The assignment wasn't fantastic, but getting to know my "colleagues" was.

I hope to update soon with more on other assignments.